Case study 4

Project Description


We cooperate with US company working on data analytics. Their clients are large mass media and broadcasting companies. We are responsible for downloading and processing the data from APIs of social media platforms. Our cooperation consists of multiple complex projects, and each of them requires individual approach to satisfy the needs of the users.

Challenges and solutions

Because the cooperation consists of numerous projects, there are huge volumes of historical and real-time data to be downloaded, processed and monitored on a daily basis. We are responsible for optimizing the databases. There are also multiple users with different needs, and each service needs to be adjusted to these needs.

The cooperation consists of developing connectors downloading the data. We use different types of API to get this data, so each connector needs to be constructed in a different way.

What is more, we are in charge of data aggregators – these are the components of the projects used to calculate the metrics and aggregate the data in order for the users to use this data to learn what they can do, what they can improve, and what works for them. It is often the case that the metrics require complicated logic to be implemented. We are in charge of defining the logic and putting it into effect. The services need to be updated and improved regularly so that they are adjusted to the clients’ needs. We are also responsible for query services.

Because the system is extensive and complex, we use microservices. Microservices makes the system scalable and more flexible. Thanks to that, we are able to deploy different components separately whenever it is needed.

The cooperation includes working on automatization process. So far, the data of new clients has been inserted into the system manually. We are automating this process so that it is quicker and easier.

We are also working on configuration so that the users can use a panel to configure the system. So far, the system has been configurable through the terminal.

We improve and optimize our projects regularly. Our cooperation includes daily meetings and biweekly plannings. Our communication allows to respond to the requests of users and emergency situations quickly.