About us

We are a dynamic software development company focused on delivering top quality solutions to our clients with whom we cooperate on a long-term basis.


What we do

We deal with system architecture design, deployment on production servers, cluster management and web development.


How we work

We build projects by quick and small functionality increments, giving our clients complete control over the entire process.



We have designed multiple data analytics systems for companies located throughout the world, especially in the USA and Europe.

We’re Better. Here’s Why…

Our technical expertise comprises application development using industry-leading platforms and tools.

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Latest Case Studies

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Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress
System transcribing speech to text. We are responsible for the whole project. We train the Microsoft Custom Speech model and we improve its accuracy with the use of text transformations....
System analyzing medical scientific articles. We built all components allowing the users to analyze the data from numerous datasources and to see the results of processing in web application.
System analyzing news on the Internet on a daily basis about specific doctors. We created data processing pipeline with elements of Machine Learning. The system is hosted on Amazon (ECS,...