It's extremely easy!

See how our tool for processing speech to text works:


Upload your file or enter its URL


The system downloads your file and processes speech to text with the use of artificial intelligence


Select the format of your file with the transcription (txt, srt) and customize the parameters (timestamps, speaker recognition, audio channels)


Download the file with the transcription or display it directly in the platform

Matena's benefits

See why our application for generating subtitles is worth trying

Matena provides high quality of transcription (more than 90% for good quality materials) at a low price

The application allows the user to get transcription for various laguages: Polish, English, German, Spanish and Ukrainian

The time needed for processing speech to text in Matena is about 50% shorter than the duration of the audio or video files. If you are a stenotypist making the transcriptions manually, you can save a lot of time thanks to our software!

Our system is intuitive and user friendly, so you can easily process your audio or video files

Thanks to the subtitles in your materials you can reach more people. You can also meet the requirements of regulations regarding the accessibility of digital products and services

Matena's functionalities

Input files

It is possible to use numerous audio and video formats of input files (e.g. mp3, mp4, mkv, wav, oga, flv, wmv, ogg, avi, mov and much more)

Transcription results

The results of transcription can include plain text, formatted text with timestamps (for every minute), speaker recognition (with timestamps marked when the speaker changes), marking audio channels and subtitles in the srt format

Simultaneous processing

You can process many transcriptions at the same time

Training language model

You can improve the language model by adding new phrases

User management

If you are an administrator, you can manage the accounts of users within one organization

The support of the authors

Our customers are provided with technical support. Additionally, out of concern for our clients' confidential data, it is possible to remove it from our speech to text platform.


The price of transcribing speech to text in Matena is 20 PLN for 1 hour of material. It is possible to lower the price in the case of high amount of materials needed to be transcribed.

It is also possible to test Matena for free (2 hours).

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